Augenklinik Stralsund, Praxis Dr. med. M. Fechner

D-18435 Stralsund
Große Parower Straße 47
Klinikum am Sund
3rd Floor

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The city of Stralsund is situated on the inlet Strelasund between the island Rügen and the mainland. The harbour- and Hanseatic City of Stralsund was founded in 1234.
Thanks to its favorable location between Scandinavia, the Baltic Region and Central Europe, its former membership in the Hanseatic League, and the proficiency of its merchants and seafarers, the city's welfare prospered, which can be even nowadays appreciated in the townscape characterised by its looming gothic churches as well as the proud Hanseatic residential buildings.

The harmony of its unique island-like location with the unspoiled beauty of its townscape is the reason for the inclusion of the Hanseatic City of Stralsund in the World Heritage list of UNESCO in the year 2001.