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The patients' fear of an operation on their eyes is understandably great. Nevertheless, experience has shown that, after the operation, most of the patients find that fear and excitement were without foundation.
Eye operations predominantly last to a maximum of 30 minutes and are therefore, as a rule, carried out under local anaesthesia.

In eyelid operations, the area to be operated is directly infiltrated (local anaesthesia), in intraocular operations, the anaesthetic agent is injected behind or beside the eyeball (retro- or parabulbar anaesthesia).
Operations which last longer, especially those on the retina and the vitreous body, are mostly carried out under general anaesthesia, whereas small operations on superficial tissue, e.g. on the conjunctiva, can also be performed under surface anaesthesia.
The choice of anaesthesia goes by the kind of operation; the patient's wishes, however, may be complied with.
In general, for all intraocular interventions and operations under general anaesthesia, the family physician has to certify the patient's operability with the questionnaire.