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The laser beam – indispensible instrument of modern ophthalmology

a) laser therapy:
the laser is a multifunctional instrument and we cannot imagine modern ophthalmology without it. Most frequently, it is used in conjunction with retinal disorders. Among other situations, the laser is used in the following ones:

- for the treatment of retinal thinning and retinal breaks
- for the ablation of the retina in case of distinct circulatory disturbances
- for the sealing of porous blood vessels

b) intravitreal injections (IVOM):
as most recent and highly effective tool for the therapy of pathological swelling of the central retina (macular edema) for whatever reason is best and most effectively treated in many cases by intraocular, or better: intravitreous injection of medicine (IVOM). Although but a minimal surgical intervention, this procedure still has to be performed in the sterile setting of the operation room, to prevent infections with potentially disastrous outcome.
c) retinal operations:
nowadays, progress in the operation technique makes it possible to successfully operate a multitude of retinal disorders. Basically. there are two procedures to choose from:

- conventional retinal surgery (i.e. without opening the eyeball) is used for the treatment of the retinal detachment or for the treatment of severe circular disturbances (retinal cryocoagulation).
- a very complex procedure called vitrectomy, by which – using special optics – the retina is operated with sophisticated instruments directly in the interior of the eye. Among other diseases, retinal detachments, circulatory disturbances and fibrous cicatrizations can be treated with this surgical technique.