Augenklinik Stralsund, Praxis Dr. med. M. Fechner

D-18435 Stralsund
Große Parower Straße 47
Klinikum am Sund
3rd Floor

Tel: +49 3831 380002
Fax: +49 3831 38003 

Dr Martin Fechner studied ophthalmology at the Eye Clinic of Bonn University as well as at the Eye Department of the General Hospital of Hamburg-Altona. He has been registered as a specialist for ophthalmology since 1989.

His eye-surgical experience gained in the position of the senior physician in charge in Altona was completed whilst he was working at the renowned Bonn Dardenne Clinic. After that period of four months, in September 1993, Dr Fechner set up as an ophthalmologist in Stralsund and took over the running of the Eye Department of Stralsund Hanseklinikum (Hanseatic clinical centre).

Dr. Fechner has the authorization to hold further four-year trainings in ophthalmlogy.