Augenklinik Stralsund, Praxis Dr. med. M. Fechner

D-18435 Stralsund
Große Parower Straße 47
Klinikum am Sund
3rd Floor

Tel: +49 3831 380002
Fax: +49 3831 38003 


The doctors, nurses and assistants

The Augenklinik Stralsund is authorized to hold furtherfour-year trainings for specialists in ophthalmology, and it cooperates with the Augenklinik (eye clinic) Neubrandenburg in residency training. Currently (2015) the following doctors work at the Augenklinik Stralsund as consultant and residents, respectively:


The efficiency of a clinic is, among other things, determined by the employees who are no doctors, by their humane qualities and their professional qualifications as well as their working together as a team. The nurses and assistants of Stralsund Eye Clinic carry out their tasks with pleasure and commitment, and they are used to excellently work together.

The reception’s team

Nurses and technicians

The OR-team