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»droopy eyelid«; skin surplus of the eyelids caused by an age-related tissue flaccidity; most of the times it is merely a cosmetic problem.
diabetes mellitus
metabolic disorder, which may cause severe damage by diabetic retinopathy and diabetic maculopathy at the eye up to even the loss of sight. Every diabetic must place him/herself under ophthalmological care.

the eyelid is turned outwards away from the eyeball, often accompanied by a disturbed lacrimation (secretion of tears), mostly caused by age-related tissue laxity, more rarely by an inflammation or cicatrization (scarring) of the eyelid.
the eyelid is rolled inwards against the eyeball, often accompanied by chafing lashes (trichiasis); it is mostly caused by an age-related tissue laxity, less frequently by an inflammation or cicatrization of the eyelid.

field of vision
peripheral vision; apart from visual acuity, sense of color and depth of vision, it is one of the essential visual functions; in many eye diseases, especially in case of glaucoma, the field of vision is damaged.
fluorescein angiography
photographic presentation of the retinal vascular net by using a contrast medium (fluorescein), which is administered intravenously; this examination is highly important for the diagnosis of circulatory disorders of the retina.

mostly a painless disease of the optic nerve with an advancing loss of nerve fibres, failures of the visual field and – if not treated – eventually the loss of sight; it is mostly caused by a long-term increase of the intraocular pressure; an acute increase of pressure (glaucomatous attack) may cause the loss of sight in a few days.
glaucomatous attack
acute increase of the intraocular pressure, often accompanied by intense malaise (visual deterioration, headache, nausea, vomiting, collapse); if not treated, it causes the loss of sight in a few days' time. An ophthalmological emergency!

group of viruses especially frequently causing inflammations of the eye, particularly those of the cornea, and possibly leaving considerable damage. Absolutely necessary to be treated.
stye; a circumscribed, infectious, acute, painful inflammation of the eyelid.