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region of greatest visual acuity in the centre of the retina with the highest density of photoreceptors; an especially efficient and, particularly at a more advanced age, frequently diseased region of the retina.
macular degeneration, dry
age-related alteration of the region of greatest visual acuity of the retina accompanied by pigment displacements and the deposition of metabolic products; often, but not always, accompanied by a diminishing of visual acuity; untreatable. Preliminary stage of a wet macular degeneration.
macular degeneration, exudative
mostly a disease at the more advanced age; an exudation of fluid into the retinal centre secondary to a dry macular degeneration often beginning acutely in the region of greatest visual acuity accompanied by distorted vision and a rapid deterioration of visual acuity. An opthalmological emergency!
macular rotation
major surgical procedure to remedy the exudative macular degeneration.
maculopathy, diabetic
disease of the region of greatest visual acuity of the retina in conjunction with a diabetic retinopathy, leading to a malfunctioning of the affected region of the retina and a diminishing of the visual acuity due to the emergence of humour out of the retinal capillaries and a failure of smaller or larger parts of the capillary net with a corresponding reduced provision.

the forming of new vessels on the retina as the consequence of a severe circulatory disturbance, e.g. in a diabetic retinopathy; neovascularizations result in spontaneous haemorrhages in the eye, can lead to the loss of sight and therefore require a laser coagulation or cryocoagulation of the diseased regions of the retina. In conjunction with an exudative macular degeneration, neovascularizations occur under the retina in the region of greatest visual acuity; this problem can be treated with laser coagulation, transpupillary thermotherapy or photodynamic therapy.